Did You Know I Wear a Cowboy Hat?

Figuring out who you are may be as simple as looking in the mirror… I have an EZ Tip for you today: What You Wear May Be a Clue to Who You Have Become. Did you know I wear a cowboy hat? Back in the day I wanted to become a singing cowboy. As you […]

Your Thing, Your Wow

I play spoons (clickity, clackity). In this picture you can see me in the red shirt playing with a street band in the French Quarter of New Orleans. You can easily say that spoons are my thing. But they are also my wow. Today, I’d like to talk about how you might transform your “thing” […]

Retire to Play and Purpose: Retire to Hobbies

Own your own bookstore! What a great excuse to read. Retire to Play and Purpose Review: Retire to Hobbies Do you have a hobby? Maybe you’re a photographer? Or you love baking or painting? So many options, so little time! Maybe one of your cherished dreams is to take that hobby to the next level […]

Volunteering in a Time of Social Distancing

Volunteering in a time of social distancing Three years ago I began a grand plan: I will assist retirees in finding a volunteer opportunity that can help them become engaged. I undertook to produce interviews that were at once inspirational and also informative. Geared for the nearly and newly retired, I made these 15–20 minute […]

Couples in Retirement: Start Somewhere, Anywhere

In just an hour, Elbert Hubbard penned an inspirational story to fill the space in the 1899 edition of The Philistine. By some estimates, 40 million copies of this amazing story were in circulation by 1913. What was all the fuss about? Hubbard told the account of a Captain Rowan’s trek that earned him a […]

Things Worth Doing Again

Don’t Get Pooped! Get energized! I have an EZ Tip for you today: Find what energizes you to know what is important to continue. Do you A key to both is to find the kinds of things that energize you, that keep you engaged but are not exhausting. My wife does presentations. She does them […]

Look Mommy, That Horse Is Walking on Its Hind Legs!

It has been a long time since dancing horses were a rave at circuses and fairs. When was the last time you saw one? A long time or not, I remember my utter amazement at seeing them when I was younger. These days you don’t see dancing horses. I have my substitutes, though. Today, I’m […]

Mining the Past–A Step into the Future

Looking to the Past or Clues Finding something to do that is meaningful to us is one of retirement’s little challenges. For some, it’s a big challenge. I often advocate looking to the past for clues. I’m not advocating a detailed review of WWII or the American Revolution. While that might be fun and an […]

Let’s Live Together: Part 1 Being Respectful

When my wife and I retired, we decided to go ahead, bite the bullet, and live together. It used to seem we just cohabited, my wife and I; we basically shared a dwelling and raced through parallel lives. You know how that goes. We both worked long hours. She rushed there, and I was off […]