Clues for Your Next Retirement Adventure

Remember how you used to love to…What? What did you love to do?

I hear from a lot of retirees that they just can’t find anything to do. They’re bored. They’re also distraught because they thought retirement was to be so great and here they are feeling left out. I don’t blame them; it is hard to find something that is interesting and meaningful and engaging all in one go.

But, I have a suggestion for a place to start: The Attic. Go dig out those picture albums your Mom kept. Remind yourself: What did you do when you were a kid?

Here is one of my favorites:

I entered the telescope I’d built into the science fair. Yep. I was a nerd. Way back when. Still am. I spent countless hours working on that project and trying to take pictures of celestial objects using that telescope.

So, when I got to retirement and found somebody to take pictures with, I jumped at the chance. We spent many happy nights enjoying the heavens and taking pictures. Here’s one.

What pictures have you found? I’d love to hear about an old activity you’d like to take up. Leave a comment below.

Ed Zinkiewicz

Your Aging-in-Life Strategist