Did You Know I Wear a Cowboy Hat?

Figuring out who you are may be as simple as looking in the mirror…

I have an EZ Tip for you today: What You Wear May Be a Clue to Who You Have Become.

Did you know I wear a cowboy hat? Back in the day I wanted to become a singing cowboy. As you can see from this picture with my sister, it really was back in the day.

Turns out singing cowboys from old movies and TV had a far greater impact on who I became than just the outfit. I loved those guys.

They could not only sing and win the girl, they saved the day, fought villainy, chased bad guys and impressed on me the differences between good behavior and bad. They exemplified what it meant to stand up for those who could not stand for themselves. They had integrity.

Reach back into your past. What has influenced who you want to be? Who has influenced you?

Are you achieving these ideals of who you want to be? I ended up wearing a cowboy hat and singing with a musical group that visits nursing homes 3 or more times a month. I feel I’ve achieved a lot of that early dream. How about you?

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Ed Zinkiewicz

…the retirement guy

It just might be that the outfit really does shape the man…

… or woman:

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