Why Are You Still Working?

Retirement is not only about “when I get to retire.” It can also be about “when will I be able to retire.” Ranjan Vee, MD, strongly suggests retiring based on your bank account, not your birthday. This is followed by a quote from George Foreman: “The question isn’t at what age I want to retire, you answer should be in a dollar amount, not in years.”

All of which leads me to a question: If you have enough money, why are you still working?

I have a tip for you. Enjoy your financial security.

I know a lot of people feel less than secure financially, but if you are not overly worried about that, why still work? I also get it that you might like doing what you do, but wasn’t part of the reason you did that was to enjoy that security. Didn’t you work so you eventually wouldn’t have to?

Scott Galloway, popular teacher, blogger, and YouTuber, focuses on the big questions like the formula for a well-lived life. In his book The Algebra of Happiness he stresses balance. Long story short: There is a time for work and a time to move the focus elsewhere. I love this quote: “You won’t enjoy that payoff unless you let yourself! Remember, the point isn’t just to make lots of money; it’s to make lots of money so that you can stop having to make lots of money!” Enjoy your financial security.

Did you struggle with the issue of trying to stop work? Maybe you are concerned about what you will do. Tell me about it. Leave a comment below or send me an email.

Ed Zinkiewicz,

the retired guy